A tribute to the racers that have brought us
countless memories over the past half century
of Maryland stock car racing

A tribute to the racers that have brought us countless memories over the past half century of Maryland stock car racing.


Bill and Susie Jones have been placed on the Inductee list for the Hall of Fame. They played a significant part in the history of Maryland racing as engine builders and mechanics.

A dvd of the last race event at Dorsey Speedway will be given to the attendees of the 2014 Reunion as a token of appreciation for supporting the event. This dvd is the entire last show including the old timers show. 
The wrong phone number was on the flyer I sent out. The correct number is: 410-571-5177.


Flyers have been mailed out today for the 1014 Reunion. I would appreciate it if everyone can notify me at their earliest convenience
what their plans are for this year. You don't have to send money right away I just have to get an idea as to how many people I have to plan for. As I do this by myself it helps me tremendously so I don't have to do everything at the last minute.



The date of the 2014 Awards Ceremony and Reunion is November 2. See the Events page for more details. Membership Fee will be $35.00 and includes admission to the Reunion.  Mark your calendars.

It's been some time since I have updated the site. I have a lot of new things to add to the photo sections of each track. For those who may remember I have just uploaded photos of Westport Stadium that will bring a wishful thought to you. I went to Reading, Pa. to get these photos, enjoy. I wish the place was still there.  I have never seen these pics before.

I'll be adding pics of Taneytown, Condon, Marlboro, Hagerstown, Dorsey

Details for the Reunion are on the Events page. Please support the Hall of Fame and Reunion by joining.


Members Page is the new Member page. I have posted what the page will look like.

Website Mission:

The mission of this Hall of Fame is to preserve the history of stock car racing in the state of Maryland and to maintain the memory of those individuals who excelled in the sport. The Maryland Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization created to provide a history of stock car racing in Maryland. Access to the website is free and plans are to keep it that way. Hopefully the Hall of Fame will bring back many pleasant memories of those days spent at the wonderful speedways that once thrived in the Free State. I hope many of you are still supporting our current speedways: Potomac, Hagerstown and Cumberland.
Induction to the Hall of Fame will be determined by the following criteria: a track, state or national championship in the following categories: 1950's Sportsman, Modified, Late Model Sportsman, Sprint Car, Super Late Model and Grand National (Currently Nextel Cup). To simplify things the term Super Late Model will be used for the Late Model class that replaced the Modifieds as the primary class at Hagerstown and Dorsey. Potomac also had a late model class as their primary class. These late models evolved into the Super Late Model class. The Hall of Fame is for drivers, mechanics and car owners who were from Maryland. Drivers from other states that raced in Maryland to win national championships and Maryland speedway championships will also be included. There will be special Hall of Fame categories for promoters, officials and others that contributed to the sport in Maryland.
All of the material contained in the website is from my own personal collection which has been acquired over the years. A special thank you is due Mike and Junior Tauber, Danny Woolford, Bucky Guilfoy and Jim Carlsen for loaning me their scrap books and video tapes. Additionally I would like to thank the following: Doug Johnson, Dick and Merrilee Jones, Harold Sears, the Danie Ferguson Family, George Dilks, Jeffrey Slayton, Franklin Taylor and Roddy Langley. Viewers are welcomed to notify me of any errors that may appear. If you possess any photos, stories or other information that you would like to have included on the website please notify me. I am currently looking for info about Potomac Speedway champions and Hagerstown Modified champions for the 50's and early 60's. Also, if you reproduce anything from the website it would be appreciated that you acknowledge us. Contact us at:

As information: My name is Al Torney and I live in Annapolis, Maryland. I attended my first stock car race in 1953 at Westport Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been a fan ever since. More than anything else I miss the old Sportsman-Modifieds of the '50's and early '60's before they started cutting them down. However, I still love them all.

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